International Programmes

Friedrich-Eugens-Gymnasium Stuttgart, Germany Visit

Students and teachers delegation FEG Stuttgart, Germany visited the school campus. They spent a quality time in the school premises. Friendly match of Kho-Kho was played between the students of both the schools.

Cultural Exchange: German group visits Mayoor Chopasni School

Mayoor Chopasni School organised the first cultural exchange program to strengthen the international relationship and deepen the knowledge of foreign cultures through flexible and diverse activities. A seven member student delegation from a German school Leonardo Da Vinci campus stayed with families of students of Mayoor Chopasni School for 21 days. They experienced Indian teaching methods and curriculum. They were accompanied by the host students all the time. During this cultural exchange the German students got acquainted to values and regional folklore and tried to imbibe the same. The host students of Mayoor Chopasni School will visit Germany in month of May/ June next year and will stay with these students in Berlin. The exchange programme helped the two schools to build the cultural gap and build a strong relation between the two set of students coming from entirely different background.

Marlborough College, U.K Delegation visit

Students and teachers delegation from Marlborough College, U.K. visited the school campus. They spent a quality time in the school premises. Friendly match of Kho-Kho and football were played between the students of both the schools. Prof. Alex and Prof. Virginia and two students planted a sapling in the school campus.

Teachers from UK visited School Campus

Under the flagship project of international dimension Britain's Isabel Pierce Mason compared the educational system of India and Britain and acquainted the students with the advantages and drawbacks of both the system. She informed that chalk board method is more efficacious as compared to digital board being used these days. Ex- student of Leeds University, Neha Singh discussed about the life management skills. Principal Sharad Tiwari, extended them a warm welcome. Vice principal Deepak Bhargav and CCA coordinator Bhom Singh Rathore took them for a school visit.

German volunteers and "Sambhali Trust"

A workshop on "Good Touch and Bad Touch" for primary school children ( class III- V) was organized by the group of German volunteers and "Sambhali Trust", Jodhpur. In a playful manner, with the help of puppet show and videos, children were taught how to be well equipped to understand this sensitive issue.
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