Inter Houses

House Master (Senior School):Mr. Prashant Soni
House captains: Kulwant Singh Kheechee and Kritika Vishnoi
“Shaurya” in Sanskrit means bravery, heroism and valor


House Master (Senior School):Mr.Praveen Sharma
House captains: Divyansh Mathur and Komal Bhati
Shreyas is derived from a sanskrit word that means good fortune, prosperity, welfare, and happiness.


House Master (Senior School):Mr. Narendra Singh Rajpurohit
House captains: Devpal Singh Sisodiya and Bhavika Maloo
The name Utkarsh means- ‘to rise’. It also stands for prosperity or awakening.


House Master (Senior School):Mrs. Tripti Choudhary
House captains: Abhishek Singh Rathore and Aashita Soni
"Tejas" as the name implies means 'Brilliance' and 'Brightness'. It is a synonym to fire, light and Lord of speed.

Photos for Inter House Activity
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