Cultural Exchange: German group visits Mayoor Chopasni School

Mayoor Chopasni School organised the first cultural exchange program to strengthen the international relationship and deepen the knowledge of foreign cultures through flexible and diverse activities. A seven member student delegation from a German school Leonardo Da Vinci campus  stayed with families of students of Mayoor Chopasni School for 21 days. They experienced Indian teaching methods and curriculum. They were accompanied by the host students all the time. During this cultural exchange the German students got acquainted to values and regional folklore and tried to imbibe the same. The host students of Mayoor Chopasni School will visit Germany in month of May/ June next year and will stay with these students in Berlin.

The student delegation received a traditional welcome in Mayoor Chopasni School and Principal Mr Sharad Tiwari introduced the delegation to the students in school assembly.


The German students Lisa Wallat, Maximilian Neubart, Marie- Luise Meinel, Lars Lehmann, Lennart Lehmann, Evrim Basbolat and Bassam El Shorafa along with their teacher Ulrike  Kinenast  were shown school horse riding area, music room, dance room and playgrounds by school teachers Mrs Savita Babbar, Mrs Snighdha Singh and Mr Karni Singh. They also got familiarised with Indian musical instruments, folk songs, folk dances and regional sports.


On this occasion German students enjoyed a match of satoliya against the students of Mayoor Chopasni School. An adventurous trek was also organised for the German students early in the morning where they learnt more about natural environment. The same day an exciting activity of tie and dye was conducted by Mrs Rajkumari Shaktawar and Mrs Asha Jain in school campus for LDVC guests where they enjoyed making bandhni dupattas to take them back home for their loved ones.

The LDVC guests  and host students visited handicraft factory which Jodhpur is famous for to understand the nitty gritty of traditional handicraft and the cultures behind them. A  city tour was also organised for the guests and hosts to  get the picture of city from inside.


The following week the LDVC hosts set  out on an expedition to Ranthambore where they visited the famous fort and Ganesh temple. They also had a thrilling  experience of wildlife sanctuary.  Then they visited  Pushkar and Dargah Sharif at Ajmer and came back to Jodhpur.

A host family Mr. and Mrs. Chouhan organised lunch, wildlife safari and evening  tea at Jog Niwas in Bhakrasni village. The guests and hosts students had  their dance  sessions and Kho-Kho  practice daily. A final Kho- Kho match was organised between hosts and guests  which both the teams enjoyed. The  guests students attended various clubs in school campus like yoga club, horse riding club and archery club as per their choice. A fun filled kite flying activity was organised in school campus which was relished by the hosts and guests students.


 The third week started with a medical camp, nukkad natak and cleanliness task organised by NDTV Behtar India where LDVC hosts and guests students participated in and  created  awareness amongst local people about keeping their surroundings  clutter  free.Later that evening they attended RIFF  festival at Mehrangarh which is one of the major tourist attractions  of the  town. They enjoyed the musical evening put up by famous folk communities.Next morning they left for a lavish stay at Rohetgarh where they experienced exciting village safari followed  by a cultural evening and night stay. After a day's rest the guests students headed for  spine -tingling sport of paragliding at Aagolai village with Mr. Chaina Ram and Mr. Kan Singh. It was a refreshing experience altogether.


School Principal Mr. Sharad Tiwari and staff organised a cultural evening on Oct 10, 2017 to bid adieu to the guests students and to thank the  host students for their excellent hospitality.  There were dances and questionnaire put up by the staff which was followed by dinner. 

The next morning the LDVC  host students visited the historical Mehrangarh Museum. On 12th morning the guests students attended the assembly and left for railway station after meeting the host students.

The exchange programme helped the two schools to build the cultural gap and build a strong relation between the two set of students coming from entirely different background. The students of Mayoor Chopasni School had an enriching experience hosting the German students. Mayoor Chopasni School,Jodhpur looks forward to many more such exchange programmes to broaden the social horizon of its students.

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