Pre Primary Celebration

Children’s Week (15 November-18November,2016)

(Nursery, Kindergarten and Prep Classes)

To commemorate the 127th birthday anniversary of Chacha Nehru, a week’s celebration of fun activities was planned for the Nursery, Kindergarten and Prep students.

15th November –To highlight the importance of having fruits and how they help us in keeping good health, a Fruit chaat Day was celebrated. Children brought varieties of fruits .Teacher along with the children sang the songs and had a good time while preparing fruit chaat. Kids had a great time relishing the chaat and watching the Kung Fu Panda movie.

16th November- On 16 November, the kids again had a gala time with the combination of dance, games and activities. Children were at their best, colouring the sheets given to them. They tried to add shades of their perception of colours of life to the activity. A dance party was also organised for the Nursery and K.G. students. Tiny tots dressed in colourful costumes enjoyed a lot. Various games like racing, basket ball and musical chair were played which again was thoroughly enjoyed.

17th November- A picnic is a short trip for pleasure to a beautiful place. Picnic adds spice to our life.  Keeping this in mind, a fun trip was organised for Nursery and K.G. students. The teachers along with their students went to Fun World. They enjoyed a lot. On the other hand, students of Prep class had a poetry morning organised in their block. Children recited beautiful poems in the presence of their parents. The confidence and strength of oratory skill was visible. Parents were thrilled to be the part of the celebration and to see their wards performing in the characters.

18th November-Culmination of the children’s week and Chacha Nehru’s birthday celebration was in the form of Hindi Kavya Paath organised by the students and teachers of Nursery and K.G. class. Different props were used. Parents were overwhelmed after seeing the performance of the kids. Prep class students went for a fun trip to Fun World. Children had a wonderful time playing games in the lawns, enjoying rides and the picnic feel over dining in the fun atmosphere.

“It was a well organised activity. Students enjoyed a lot and presented very well”, said the coordinators Mrs. Vanita Singh (Nur. and K.G.) and Mrs. Sapna Kumpawat (Prep). 

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