CBSE workshop on Remodelled Assessment System for Class – X

In the line of Board's new assessment system for class-X two resource persons from CBSE conducted this workshop in Our School. Teachers from various schools from the town attended and benefited.


A two day workshop was conducted by CBSE on Capacity Building Programme for teachers on Inclusive Education . The resource person was Mrs. Reeta Taneja and it was attended by Kalpana Kabra, Vanita Singh, Sapna Kumpawat, Sangeeta Borana, Shipra Atul Lal and Noopur Trivedi. The topics covered in the workshop were : Awareness on Disability, . Inclusion / Exclusion, Understanding classroom challenges, Impairment, Disability, Handicap and related terms, Different Kinds of Disabilities, Mental Illness, Get support from various professionals and organisations, Planning for Inclusive Classroom Teaching, Infrastructure Development, Universal design for learning.

Talk for writing

A workshop on Narrative writing was organized in school for English teachers on 10 August, 2017. The workshop was conducted by a special guest Jane Elizabeth, an experienced teacher from UK. The aim of the workshop was to grow independent writers. Jane explained a step by step approach to develop writing skills in students which were ‘Retelling’ , ‘ Framing short sentences using connectives’, ‘DROP IN –noun, adjective, adverb’, ‘Story mountain’ and ‘Self Assessment’. Jane shared that how good readers turn into good writers. Sentence doctors, Freeze frames and Story Boxes were few techniques which were discussed to enhance writing skills of students. The workshop strengthened the enthusiasm of the teachers and motivated them to become effective teachers.

Classroom Engagement Techniques

A workshop on Classroom Engagement Techniques for teachers of Mayoor Chopasni School was organized on 10 August, 2017. The resource person for the workshop was Jane Elizabeth, a trained teacher from the UK. It was an endeavor on the part of our School authorities to keep the teachers abreast with the latest strategies to manage the 21 century classroom environment effectively. Right in the beginning, through discussion, it was established that with changing times, the challenges faced by teachers in the classroom have also changed and the need to develop and implement rules and procedures to tackle the same is of utmost importance. Jane emphasized on promoting achievement of the students through 'Proud Wall' and monitoring behavior through 'Kindness Bucket'. She told about how reward systems and charts do wonders in inculcating morality amongst students. Group challenges and Spot my mistake were other few techniques that build the confidence of students and keeps them engaged. The role of positive discipline and being a proactive teacher was discussed by Jane. The importance of varied factors such as clear instructions, cleanliness, teaching aids, rapport and soft skills was reiterated and highlighted.

Workshop on personal empowerment and efficiency

An informative and fully charged workshop was conducted in Mayoor Chopasni School Jodhpur. The theme of the workshop was personal empowerment and efficiency, interpersonal relationship and time management.Mr. Deepak Bhargav, Vice Principal of the school inaugurated the workshop and highlighted the importance of conducting such Programmes for the benefit of the teachers. Surya Narayan Bahadur of confluence training and development, New Delhi attended the workshop as a resource person and interacted with the teachers. He said to the teachers to be self motivated and lead a stress free life and also suggested different steps to achieve this goal. He also shared few secrets of time management. At the end, the Principal of school, Mr Sharad Tiwari expressed his heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Mr Surya for conducting a power packed educational and motivational session for the teachers.

Workshop for Math Teachers

Mayoor Chopasni School hosted a workshop on Math subject on 27.09.16. It was attended by 40 teachers from various schools across the town. The honorable resource person for the workshop was Mr. Jose Paul- an eminent mathematician, having worked with St. Stephens School, New Delhi. He was extended a warm floral welcome by the principal of MayoorChopasni School, Jodhpur, Mr. SharadTiwari, who initiated the session. Mr. Jose Paul interacted with the Math teachers, telling them and teaching them how Math can be taught in a play-way method. How simple fractions can be taught by folding paper, the place value with colouring squares and dots, how tables can be taught by different methods such that it becomes easier to learn them, in fact how Math can become more interesting for the teachers who viewed Mathematics with a complete new insight. It was entirely a new experience and the teachers sat through the whole session awed and mesmerized.

Upgrading the teachers in implementing CCE

Mayoor Chopasni School organized a workshop on Teacher Training under the guidance of Principal Mr. Sharad Tiwari . The resource person from CBSE, Mrs. Dimple Anil, an experienced educationalist, conducted the workshop. The main objective of this workshop was upgrading and up-skilling the teachers in implementing CCE. It aimed at preparing the teachers to be visionaries, futuristic and holistic in their approach to deal with the formative and summative assessments. She also informed the teachers regarding the various supporting tools like CCE Manual,Teachers Manual and Life Skill manual. The aim of CCE was also communicated through its slogan Know As You Grow. The workshop was aimed at exploring CCE. All the participants put forth the practical problems faced by them in implement Formative Assessment in class. There was lot of interaction and activities in the workshop. Mr. SharadTiwari , expressed his gratitude to the res ource person and gave her a memento as a token of love.

IT Workshop for Teachers

IT workshop session was successfully conducted for the teachers at Mayoor Chopasni School. Mrs Darshna Rathore Senior Lecturer, Department of IT, has rendered her volunteer service as the resource person for the above session.

Workshop on effective classroom management and challenges in near future

Mayoor Chopasni School, Jodhpur organised a workshop to discuss the need of changing teaching methods and classroom challenges in forthcoming 50 years. Vice Principal Mr Deepak Bhargava as a resource person discussed about the revolutionary changes which will take place in  the field of education in 22nd century, teaching technologies and strategies which will be used for an effective classroom teaching through a powerpoint presentation. Principal Mr Sharad Tiwari shared how teachers can make the classroom teaching effectual and progressive by ensuring the involvement of students while the topic is being discussed in the class. It was an enlightening experience for the staff.

English Language Workshop

An English Language Teaching Workshop was conducted in the premises of Mayoor Chopasni School, Jodhpur by the resource person Mrs. Taruna Singh and Mrs. Shalini Emanuel. They basically dealt with the three basic elements of CCE-diagnosis, feedback and feed forward. They also enriched the teachers with the newer and better methods of English Language Teaching. They talked about the benefits of formative for both teachers and students. The students should be tested on the four basic skills of language i.e. LSRW. They also focused on inculcating high order thinking skills right from junior grades, to enhance the imagination, creativity and writing skills of the students. The workshop facilitated the teachers to share the common platform to discuss, share and establish standards for English Language planning, learning and assessment.
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