About us

We started our first glorious session 2012-13. Thus began a journey to learn through experiences, observations, hard work and commitments. The school tries to develop in students the ability to 'create' as against 'copy' by providing an experiential learning curriculum in the formative years. It not only enhances their learning potentials but also brings them to the centre stage of learning. It facilitates the students taking charge of their own learning as well as making the content relevant to them. The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi. The school follows a system of CCE - Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation, where student's performance is assessed throughout the academic session on the basis of Formative and Summative assessments. Great emphasis is laid on technology intensive teaching. Audio visual aids like charts, models, and Power Point presentations are used regularly for effective teaching. Classrooms are equipped with Interactive Digital white boards connected to a Smart Class Knowledge Centre in the school building. A trained Programme Administrator ensures the technical support for teachers. Students are exposed to world class teaching method.


Our Vision

Our vision is to provide a stimulating learning environment with a technological orientation across the whole curriculum, which maximises individual potential and ensures that students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work and life.

Our mission

Mayoor Chopasni aims at providing a safe, peaceful, disciplined and intellectually challenging environment, and all students shall have ample opportunity to:

  • Fulfill their academic, cultural, sporting and social potential.
  • Achieve the best possible academic results.
  • Acquire habits of curiosity, reflection, mental flexibility, self-discipline, industry and independence.
  • Maintain openness of mind, dignity of conduct and mutual respect in the face of racial, economic, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity.


Lord Mayo held a Durbar in Ajmer in 1870 where he enunciated the idea of opening a school for the ruling families of Rajputana. Sir Pratap Singhji Bahadur attended the Durbar and brought the idea to Marwar of opening a school for the Rajput community. Mayo College opened in 1875 while Chopasni School opened in 1914 for imparting education to Rajput boys to prepare them for the Armed Forces and Allied Services in contrast to Mayo College, which catered to Ruling Chiefs. Mayo College was modelled on the lines of progressive independent schools in UK which would develop among the students esprit de corps, building of character and spirit of chivalry, fair-play and straight dealings. An education laced with value systems of Justice-Prudence-Temperance and Fortitude. Chopasni School was opened for regular Rajput boys where Spartan living, virtues of loyalty and chivalry were emphasized and so produced a Victoria Cross and a MVC and many worthy officers in the Armed Forces. Mayo adopted the "Peacock" as a symbol while Chopasni adopted the "Eagle" but both adopted the motto : "TAMSO MAA JYOTIRGAMAYA". The streams of Mayoor and Chopasni met in 2012 when Mayo College General Council accepted the offer of Chopasni Shiksha Samiti to take over, on a Management Contract, the running of a Day School on their premises. Patron of the two schools H.H. MaharajaGaj Singhji accepted the arrangements. The opening of an English Medium Co-Ed School from Nursery to XII in the beautiful heritage premises of Chopasni came through with the signing of a MOU on 19.01.2012. Mayoor Chopasni School came into existence on 16.07.2012 with 900+ children from nursery to VII and 62 staff members.

Mayoor Chopasni School
came into existence

First Class X batch

First Class XII batch