Educational Tours and Excursions

School excursions play an important and effective role in motivating students and engaging them in active learning experiences. Excursions are carefully planned as part of the educational program at school level each year. According to the age group and student's willingness school organise various excursion programmes to give them exposure to National & International experiences.

We organise excursion programmes to :

  • provide educational experiences unable to be catered for at school, eg, visit local industries, places of historical interest.
  • help instill an appreciation of the natural environment of the area being visited.
  • provide opportunities for physical development, eg, trekking, camping, general fitness, outdoor activities.
  • provide opportunities for social interaction and to give experience in living and co-operating in a group.
  • help build each student’s sense of independence.
  • provide the challenge of coping with different surroundings and the opportunity for displaying initiative and responsibility in different settings.
  • provide students with a range of experiences that can be a focus for classroom curriculum activities.

Glimpses of previous excursions