1. The students are to bring school Almanac daily.
  2. Students should arrive at school on time; well before the bell rings for the attendance. Punctuality and regularity are important part of schooling.
  3. Students are expected to be regular in attending the school and maintain decorum in and outside the school, especially while in school uniform.
  4. Students must come neatly dressed to the school and they are not allowed to wear fancy ornaments. Wearing of ear pins/rings/bracelets is strictly prohibited for boys. Students are not to carry cosmetic items like deodorant, perfume, etc. to school.
  5. Personal cleanliness and hygiene must be maintained. This includes clean and trimmed nails.
  6. Boys should keep their hair short. The girls should either have trimmed short hair i.e., shoulder length and if longer, the hair should be plaited neatly as instructed by concerned staff.
  7. As the medium of instruction in the school is English, students are expected to converse in English as often as possible.
  8. Any damage done to property within the school premises, writing on walls or furniture will be seriously dealt with and repairs must be paid for by the unruly student promptly.
  9. Students are not allowed to bring any valuables or money to school, unless for approved reasons. If lost or damaged, the school will not be held responsible.
  10. Use of mobile phone and/or electronic gadgets such as 'Smart watch' etc. is strictly prohibited in the school. The prohibited items would be confiscated by the authorities and released only after charging a penalty as per the offence. (See page 21 no. 12)
  1. All payments must be made in pay-in-slip at the Union Bank, Chopasni Shiksha Samiti Branch for Mayoor Chopasni School, Jodhpur.
  2. The school fee shall be entertained through Cheque/ NEFT, RTGS or pay order in favour of Mayoor Chopasni School, Jodhpur.
  3. Please complete the pay-in-slip with correct Registration No. and Enrolment No. The school shall not be held responsible for wrong deposition due to incomplete or incorrect entries by parents/guardians. Bank charges levied due to such errors would be deducted from the imprest account.
  4. As per challan a late fee up to Rs. 300/-p.m. will be charged for fee deposited within a fortnight after the last date and it is to be paid along with the fee deposited. Any further delay may invite additional charges. It is vital to receive revenues on time for smooth functioning of a healthy institution.
  5. The school fees are paid in two instalments i.e., April and October, if not paid by April 25 and October 15 respectively, the name of the student could be stuck off without notice. If re-admission is granted on payment of school dues, a re- admission fee will be charged.
  1. No leave of absence is to be considered granted without the prior permission of the school authorities.
  2. For any absence, a proper leave application addressed to the Principal must be submitted in writing by the parent. Submission of application does not mean that leave will necessarily be granted. The confirmation to this effect must be obtained from the Class Teacher.
  3. Students are not allowed to leave the school during school hours as a general policy.
  4. For any leave of absence due to illness beyond two days, a written application has to be submitted to the Principal along with the medical certificate.
  5. Repeated absence without sanctioned leave or unexplained absence for more than 6 consecutive days renders the student liable to have his/her name struck off the school rolls. Re-admission may be granted only at the discretion of the Principal.
  6. Students not returning punctually to the school after vacations are liable to have their names struck off the school rolls.
  7. Students must be present in school on the day the school reopens after a long break. Unexplained absence after a break will be strictly dealt with.
  8. A student suffering from any contagious or infectious disease is not allowed to attend the school till he/she has fully recovered. On re-joining the school, a medical fitness certificate duly signed by a doctor should be submitted to the Class Teacher.

Quarantine period recommended for.....

  • Chicken Pox - till complete falling of scabs
  • Measles - till 2 weeks after the rashes disappear
  • Mumpsun - - till the swelling has gone (about a month)
  • Whopping Cough - about six weeks
  • Covid - upto 14 days from the time of exposure or as per Government guidelines.

To maintain strict discipline, speed up progress and streamline efficiency, we are compelled to take certain precautionary measures in the institution. Their compliance is compulsory and any failure to do so may necessitate disciplinary action without prior notice.

  1. Running, playing, shouting or any other disturbance is not allowed in the school during study hours. All games & sports are to be played during the time fixed for the same.
  2. Students must respect all teachers and authorities. They must be courteous and polite under all circumstances.
  3. All the students must observe punctuality in arriving at school. A latecomer may not be allowed to enter the school or class. Continuous latecomers could be suspended.
  4. All the students must come neatly dressed and properly groomed to school. During regular checking any student found without proper uniform shall be punished.
  5. The students must bring their textbooks, notebooks and the school almanac regularly. Other than text books or library books, no books, magazines or papers should be brought to the school without prior permission.
  6. Bringing, consuming and distributing junk food and chewing gums is strictly prohibited.
  7. No visitor will be allowed to contact any student without the written permission of the Principal.
  8. The student will not be called from the class to attend any phone call unless it is very urgent.
  9. Participation in all school activities and functions is compulsory and the school uniform is to be worn on all school functions unless special costumes are to be used.
  10. Bringing firecrackers /bursting or extending any kind of support for exploding crackers or splashing water or colour in the school premises or outside in the vicinity of the school is strictly prohibited, even during festival time. Non-compliance of these instructions can result in expulsion from the school.
  11. In no circumstances the school authorities shall be held liable for indiscipline or misconduct on the part of any student outside the school premises.
  12. Bringing / carrying cell phones, cameras, recording / playback devices (I pod, MP3 players, FM radio, Memory Stick, CDs, DVDs, Pen Drives, Charging Cable etc.) is strictly prohibited unless permitted by and with a written note from concerned authorities for a particular purpose. Such items if brought, will be confiscated. (See page 11 no.10)
  13. No student should bring any weapon or sharp articles to the school. Strict action will be taken against students who are found using illicit substances.
  14. Students who commute alone must never roam around on the way but return to home straight without delay.

School transport will be available depending on the number of children from a particular area. In case the school transport is not available, the parents will have to make their own arrangements. Transport fee may be revised annually.
It is mandatory for all parents, who wish their wards to avail transport facility, to deposit an Indemnity Bond.
Students are expected to maintain the same standard of decorum and discipline inside the bus as they have been following in the school. Violence, shouting, distracting the driver, standing in the moving vehicle are strictly prohibited.
Unruly behavior (screaming/putting hands or head out) will lead to disciplinary action and may result in withdrawal of transport facility.

  1. All students using the school bus/cab are expected to be on the left side of the bus stop at least ten minutes before the arrival time of the bus/cab.
  2. The buses will not wait for latecomers.
  3. Students should remain seated while bus/cab is in motion. No student should stand near the entry door of the bus/cab till it comes to a complete halt.
  4. All students must occupy vacant seats immediately after boarding the bus/cab.
  5. Due authorization must be shown/ produced by any person receiving / picking up the ward from the bus stop.
  6. The drivers are authorized to stop buses at the designated stops only. The list of stops is prepared keeping in view of the convenience and safety of all bus commuters and is subject to change from time to time. Students should obey the instructions of bus/cabs driver/conductor.
  7. Objects of any kind are not to be thrown inside or outside the bus/cab.
  8. Students should not damage the seats, fixtures etc. in the bus/cab. Students will be held responsible for damage to the bus caused by negligence or vandalism and will be charged for the same apart from being given due punishment.
  9. No student is allowed to eat in the bus.
  10. Courteous behavior is always expected. Students should not use impolite language with fellow students/staff and should not fight/threaten or abuse other students in the bus/cab.
  11. School will not be responsible for any injury caused due to misconduct or negligence of the students or due to other commuters.
  12. In case the bus is late or in case of any other requirement, it is requested that the bus driver be contacted. It is not the duty of the driver to keep parents informed except in case of an emergency. Please refrain from calling the driver unnecessarily as it might distract him.
  1. Parents should ensure that their children leave for school in time, neat and clean.
  2. Evaluation System: Kindly refer Promotion Criteria on page no.18.
  3. The academic progress or weakness of every child will be communicated regularly through the progress report card. Parents are supposed to study the progress of the child with care and take note of the remarks made by the Class Teacher / Principal.
  4. Parents should attend all the parent-teacher meetings, for these are essential to have a better co-ordination between the school and the home environment of the child. If parents want to meet the class-teacher other than the day scheduled for the parent-teacher meeting, they are requested to do so by appointment.
  5. The work done by the pupils in their exercise books should be checked by the parents / guardians every day, to enable them to note the progress of their work.
  6. The school will not be responsible for goods, articles, money or books lost by the children. Parents should not send any costly item with their children to school.
  7. Parents are requested to clearly mark the name, class and section of the pupil on all woolens, tiffin, water bottles, caps etc. to prevent its loss and assist in recovery.
  8. Damage to school property, of whatever nature, will have to be paid for.
  9. Parents are requested to co-operate with the school in enforcing regularity, discipline and a high academic standard.
  10. They are expected to look into the almanac every day, to see their child's home assignments. Please make sure that your child does all his / her home assignment regularly.
  11. Parents must refer to and read the notices and circulars given to the child from time to time.