Cultural Morning Celebration

Mayoor Chopasni School's Annual Cultural Morning Celebration on November 7, 2023, embraced the theme of Navras, showcasing primary students' talents. Principal Mr. Sharad Tiwari highlighted the event's significance, welcoming esteemed guest Dr. Reena Bhansali, a psychiatrist and human resource policy expert. The morning unfolded with musical performances by fourth and fifth-grade students, followed by a captivating Kathak dance. Recognizing outstanding achievements in co-curricular activities from the previous year added to the event's charm. The program beautifully depicted the nine emotions of Navras through dance and song, emphasizing the importance of balancing these emotions for a fulfilling life. Dr. Reena Bhansali emphasized on personalized education, advocating balanced social media use and stress-free environments for students. The presence of parents and the school's strong bond was acknowledged, concluding with heartfelt gratitude from Principal Mr. Sharad Tiwari.