Annual Function, 2022-23

Mayoor Chopasni School witnessed the razzmatazz of 10th Annual Day celebration on the theme ‘Kath Ke Putle’ on December 19, 2022. His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji Sahib along with the esteemed chief guest Mr Surya Narain Bahadur, Chief Happiness Officer ATDC Corp. and Domain Expert in Education & Parenting presided over the function as said by Mr. Sharad Tiwari, Principal of Mayoor Chopasni School. The program started at 5:30 p.m. with the warm welcome of all the guests extended by the principal followed by highlights of the academic year 2022-23. The school choir presented a soulful rendition of infused melody. The founding staff members who contributed 10 years of dedicated service to the progress of school were felicitated by H.H. Gaj Singh Ji Saheb. The talented students showcased the much-awaited in-house production entitled ‘Kaath Ke Putle’ which explored the subject of existential qualms and consisted of mesmerising dance performances. The programme ended with the grand finale which was appreciated by the audience. Shri V P Singh Ji Badnore, Senior Vice President, Board of Governors, Mayoor Chopasni School, proposed the vote of thanks and applauded the school for its colossal efforts in putting up a great show. Read more..

Dribble Bay- A New Start!

The newly constructed basketball courts, ‘Dribble Bay,’ were inaugurated during the impressive Annual function on 19th December, 2022 by His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji Sahib. The school has taken the initiative to provide the students with modern facilities. The coaching from academy will help the students to rise high and achieve their short and long goals in terms of individual skill development. A platform is being provided to the students to practice for state, national and international level. Mr Pradyot Voleti, FIBA certified basketball coach and founder of Dribble Academy, Mr Man Singh Shekhawat, National Institute of Sports certified Basketball coach were an integral part of the inaugural program. Read more..

School Team Qualified for CBSE National Science Model Exhibition

CBSE organised regional science exhibition at B.N. School Udaipur on 9th and 10th December, 2022. 110 teams from 62 school from various cities across the region like Jodhpur, Bhilwara, Udaipur, Sirohi, Kota, Bikaner, Balotra, Suratgarh etc participated. Yash Jain (11th Science) and Kartikeya Arya (10th D) represented school and their project ‘Prayan: Intelligent Traffic Management & Safety System‘ was qualified for National Science Exhibition. The Model is about traffic light turning green when an ambulance is detected. Hence, saving precious time during emergency. Read more..

Inter House Science Quiz

Science quiz aims to inculcate in the minds of young students a spirit of scientific enquiry, analytical thinking and provides a platform to the budding scientists for exchanging thoughts. To instil critical thinking and analytical skills, Inter House Science Quiz was organised on 26th August, 2022 for grades VI-VIII. The format of the quiz entailed six rounds for each house. The event witnessed enthusiastic preparation and participation. Shaurya House secured first position, Utkarsh House and Tejas House secured second and third position respectively. Read more..

City Topper-Saevus Eco-Achievers Quiz

Saevus magazine, in association with Rotary Club, Jodhpur organised the Saevus Eco-Achievers Quiz on 6 Dec 2022 at Bodhi International School for grade 5-7. The quiz was based on the nature and wildlife related topics. The quiz is conducted across the country to develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment among the students. Nearly 10 schools participated in the quiz. The team consisting of three students from Mayoor Chopasni School secured the first position and were declared the city toppers. The students will participate in the final round which will be held at Mumbai. Padmanabha Singh Bhati, Satwik Tiwari and Raghvendra Bishnoi represented Mayoor in the quiz. Read more..


Debates motivate students to analyse what is their thought process and why they think in that particular way. Maharana Mewar Public School, Udaipur organised Inter School Debate Competition virtually on 23rd August,2022. The competition was conducted for grades 6-8 and grades 9-11. Kritika Parihar (class 11) and Parnika Namdeo (class 10) represented Mayoor Chopasni School in Senior category. Vanya Nahata and Aarna Mishra of class 8 represented school in Junior category. The topics for the competition were Bitcoin and other crypto currencies should be banned and A watched pot never boils for senior and junior category respectively. The school secured Second School Position in the competition. In the process of debating the students gained an understanding to have conviction in the things what they were saying as they had prepared well for the topic. Read more..

Catch a Dream!

A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that usually occurs involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. But while awake, with open eyes and bright mind our young ones of Class 1 have dreamt about their future. Catch a Dream Activity was conducted on 26 August 2022 Friday at 9:00 AM in the dance room at Hardinge Block. The selected participants spoke about which profession they would go ahead with in future. They were outstanding and confident in their presentation. Parents thoroughly enjoyed the activity. Read more..

International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day is celebrated on 8th September each year. On this occasion an Inter Class Colouring Competition was organized for students of class II. A sheet was designed with line drawings of kids, pencil, alphabets, numbers etc to make students understand the ‘Literacy Skills’ to seek out information, explore subjects in-depth and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. The students were also explained about the importance of learning, knowing and writing a language. Read more..

Collage Making Activity

Making collage is a fun way to encourage a child’s awareness of colour and texture & also helps in building fine motor skills. Collage Making Activity was held on19th July for grade 1. All the students enjoyed gluing, sticking, cutting, tearing, pasting & colouring to make the desired collage. The concept of Noun was also practiced through this activity. Read more..


To make students aware of local customs and culture of other states of our country, an activity was organised for grade VI, VII and VIII. Students collected information and presented a report about the famous tourist attractions and local festivals of the states assigned to different grades on 14th July, 2022.s Class VI- Punjab and Tamil Nadu Class VII- Gujarat and Assam Class VIII- West Bengal and Karnataka Some of the volunteer students wore the traditional attire of the given states, which helped them to experience what it’s like to be a part of a community other than their own. Students also brought foods of the given states in their lunch box and enjoyed sharing it with their friends and teachers. This activity helped them to build bridges to trust, respect and understanding across cultures. Read more..

Inter House T-Shirt Painting Competition

A T-shirt painting competition was conducted on 30th August, 2022. The children showcased their creative skills in drawing and colouring the fabric and the result was amazing artwork. This fun-filled activity witnessed enthusiastic participation by students of X-XII. The students used acrylic colours for durability. It was admirable to see the students unleash their artistry. Read more..

Nand Vansh Utsav

Nand Vansh Utsav was celebrated by students of Nursery and K.G. on the auspicious occasion of Krishna Janmashtami on 18th August, 2022. The students came dressed up in traditional outfits and decorated Dahi-Handi in the scrapbooks. They enjoyed dancing on Lord Krishnas songs and watched an engrossing Krishna movie. A beautifully decorated flute was given to each student as a take away. Read more..

Mayoor Mahotsav, 2022

Mayoor Mahotsav Mayor School, Ajmer hosted Mayoor Mahotsav – an Inter School Fest on 20 Aug, ’22 under the auspices of the Collaboration Committee of the Mayo College General Council. The Chief Guest of the fest was Shri Devendra Singh Ji IPS (Retd) and the Chairman of the Collaboration Committee. A total of six Mayoor Schools participated in the fest. 1. Mayoor Chopasni School, Jodhpur 2. Mayoor School, Noida 3. Mayor World School, Jalandhar 4. Mayoor School, Sri Ganganagar 5. Mayoor Private School, Abu Dhabi 6. Mayoor School, Ajmer. The Fest included 8 enthralling events, out of them our school students acquired positions in four events. Read more..

Inter House Show and Tell Competition

To enhance the confidence and speaking skills of the students, an Inter House Show and Tell Competition was organized for the students of class III, on 26th August, 2022. The event was an amalgamation of two subjects English and Mathematics. All the participants performed enthusiastically and presented on a variety of topics such as geometrical shapes, favourite holiday destination etc.. Dron Chopra and Garvita Rajpurohit secured first position. Abira Tak secured second position. Yashika Dave secured third position. Read more..

11th Foundation Day Celebration

Mayoor Chopasni School celebrated its 11th foundation day, VIVARTAN completing 10 years of successful execution. It was founded on 16th July 2012 with hope and aspiration to produce bright students by discovering and shaping their innate talent. The school has evolved and at the same time transformed itself into a great institution by providing high quality education, technical advancement, highly trained teachers, adopting latest teaching pedagogies and providing a huge plethora of co-curricular activities. The Chief Guest for the day, Dr Prasenjeet Tribhuvan who is a social anthropologist and currently an assistant professor at IIT Jodhpur, invocated the students and told that if they find their purpose, they can easily head forth in the journey of their life and success will not be away of them. Ms Smita Shrivastava, the academic coordinator, presented the academic report. Many cultural programs like Rajasthani dance, Peacock dance and a beautiful piece of music presented by primary classes made the celebration traditional. The burst of energy of two hosts- Anant Bhati and Richa Rathore had the audience cohesively tied to the stage. The meritorious students of grade III-V were felicitated along with Olympiad winners. Principal, Mr Sharad Tiwari, proposed away the vote of thanks. He wished the teachers and students at the completion 10 years and acknowledged collaborative effort of everyone which brought the school to the pinnacle of its existence. Read more..

Inter House Extempore Competition

Extempore is an excellent way to assist the students not only in spontaneous thinking but also in asserting their creative ideas with precision. An Inter House Extempore Competition was held for the students of Class IX and X on Saturday, 9th July, 2022 to improve the Soft Skills amongst the students. The students were very confident and expressed their views fearlessly on different topics. The judges for the competition were Ms Ritu Soni from St Patrick’s School and Ms Komal Vyas from Mayoor Chopasni School. The first position was secured by Shreyas House followed by Shaurya House at second position and Tejas House at third position. Utkarsh House stood at 4th position. Read more..

Rock, Roll and Rest!

To break the monotony and help children relax ‘Rock, Roll and Rest’ , a pretend daytime ‘sleepover’ with their classmates was organized for the students of Nursery and KG. The classes were transformed into a haven of moon and stars. Dressed up in their snazziest night dresses and carrying their favourite soft toy and pillow for a sleepover with their best friends, the children made the most of this day. Handmade paper bag decorated by kids with popcorn inside were given as gifts to all the children. The children swayed to their favourite numbers and cuddled their soft toys and tried to have a short nap. The objective behind the activity was to assert independence amongst children, to develop social connections and to inculcate the habit of sleeping without their mothers. It was truly mesmerizing to see the little tots energetic and cheerful. Read more..

Fun Games with Props

Students work hard all week! Do they deserve a special reward for a job well done? A fun game activity using different props was organised for grade 1 students to fill the bill for Friday afternoon fun and learning. Students used props like hula hoops, cones, plastic balls, mats and chairs to perform fun and challenging physical activities. The activities enabled students to be more physically active during school hours and improved their strength and endurance. Read more..

Antibullying and Mind Cleansing Workshop

An interactive 2-day workshop was organised for the students of grade 6th to 8th, 9th-10th and 11th on 26th-27th April, 29th April and 30th April respectively to deal with emotional and physical changes at the onset of puberty. For grades 6th-8th, ‘Antibullying and Mind Cleansing Workshop’ made students aware about bullying, types of bullying and what to do as a victim of bullying. Students were also introduced about the effects of social media addiction and how it leads to Cyber bullying. Students of grade 9th,10th and 12th were introduced to concepts like bullying, ill-effects of different types of addiction and physical, mental and social changes that occur as they grow up through ‘Healthy Growing up and Mind Cleansing Workshop’. Students were also cautioned about how social media impacts mental health. The students connected really well with the issues discussed and threw light on the challenges faced by them as adolescents. Separate sessions were conducted for girls and boys of 9th,10th and 12th. Read more..

Inter-House Poster Designing Competition

When words fall short to express the language of the mind, soul and heart, Art helps translate. In continuum to the encouragement of expression, Mayoor Chopasni school provides various platforms to the students to hone their skills, foster passion and confidence. Keeping up with this vision, an Inter-House Poster Designing Competition was organised for classes IX, X and XII on 21st April 2022. It was all about integrating art with different themes such as ‘Ayurveda-a blessing’, ‘Climate Action’ and ‘Digital India’ for the respective grades. The students showcased their talent and came up with creative posters taking inspiration from the themes given. It galvanized them to think and work ingeniously in order to promote artistic excellence. Read more..

World Earth Day, 2022

Earth Day is praised worldwide to make mindfulness about the consistently expanding global warning, to advise openly about the catastrophic influences it has on our day to day lives. To commemorate ‘Earth Day’, Mayoor Chopasni School organized a number of events to dedicate the entire week from 19th to 26th April, 2022 to Mother earth. This year the theme for the week was ‘Invest in our planet’. The activities planned aimed to make a shift to greener, cleaner and sustainable practices and highlight the need to save the planet and leave it in a better shape for the future generations. The week-long celebration started with students of grade 5 and 6 learning the importance of composting which was a 2-day event. The process of composting was explained with the help of hands-on activity. Students also crafted beautiful theme-based tiaras to explore their creative side giving it a touch of nature. It was a great start to the event and inspired the students to protect the environment. The clothing materials could be reused, repurposed and upcycled into a wide range of items, such as cloth bags, hats, quilts, etc. based on our creativity and usage. The bottom line is to have a regular clearance of our clothes and check our wardrobe making sure that new purchases are thought out. To promote the same, an exciting activity was conducted on 21st and 22nd April, 2022, where students of grade 5 were guided to sew bags out of old clothes. It was a great learning for the students. Watering plants can be a little bit of a hassle. Drip Irrigation is the most efficient water and nutrient delivery system for growing crops. Students of grade 5 were educated about how to build an effective drip irrigation system using plastic bottles. The activity was conducted on 23rd April,2022. It not only brought students close to the plants but also encouraged the recycling of plastic bottles. Considering environmental impact during the manufacturing process of clothes not only improves the environmental outcomes but can also reduce costs in the long run. In the attempt to incite change in this pressing issue, students of grade 5, 6 and 7 learned ‘Dress-designing with available natural resources’ on 23rd and 25th April, 2022. The students explored the complex relationship between fashion and nature in present day through this activity. Students of grade 4 crafted bookmarks from old clothes learning the reuse of old clothes in a creative yet productive manner. The art of upcycling takes common household objects and gives them new life. Despite our best efforts to green our homes, single use plastic bottles are hard to avoid. Hence students of grade 4 made planters for our fellow plants by using plastic bottles on 25th April. It was a fun and relaxing activity. The entire week invigorated the students, support staff and teachers to take part in this endeavor. The students took the responsibility of managing the indoor and outdoor plants and learned how to recycle and compost. The myriad of activities instilled in them a passion for making this planet a better, cleaner place. Read more..

World Health Day

Raising awareness about physical health and mental wellbeing, and various measures to combat global health challenges, Mayoor Chopasni School, celebrated World Health Day on 7th April, 2022. It was organised around the theme "Our Planet Our Health". The event focused on sensitising students towards preserving and maintaining our physical and mental health by fun exercises, yoga and meditation. Students of grade 5, 6 and 7 enthusiastically participated in Zumba, aerobics and yoga events. They performed the drill exercises to promulgate the importance of making ourselves strong and fit both bodily and intellectually. Students also reminded about the collective responsibility towards minimizing the effects of pollution, global warming, endangered species and climate change. The activities and ideas organized on this occasion were interchanged with Leonardo Da Vinci Campus, our partner school in Germany. Read more..

Let’s Make a Good Start

Mark Twain very rightly said, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” And if you make a good start, nothing like it! Students of grade II of Mayoor Chopasni School commenced the new academic year with a marvellous activity, ‘Make a Good Start’. Students came up and spoke about themselves. They shared information about their families, their passions and what do they dream to become in future. The activity helped students to express their thoughts and feelings confidently in front of the class. Read more..

Welcome Back!!

This April, the start of the school year seemed more overwhelming than ever before for students of Prep. One could observe the mixed feelings of excitement and joy among the students, parents, and teachers. Adorned with welcome posters and colourful decorations, school wore a festive look as students trickled into the school premises after a very long time. The corridors, classrooms and play area were no more silent. It really was quite wonderful to see shining eyes peeking over the tops of masks, as students arrived ready for the new school year. A welcome party was organised for the students to make the first day a memorable one. They were served a drink and fruit with music. The kids thoroughly enjoyed dancing and playing outdoor games. It was a fun filled day as everyone was happy to be back! Read more..

Annual Day Celebration -2018

The alfresco of Mayoor Chopasni School witnessed the glitz and glamour of Annual Day celebration on the theme ''Mukta – My Girl is My Pearl'' on December 8, 2018. His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji, the chief patron of the school presided over the function along with the esteemed chief guest Mr Ajeet Bajaj, International rafting champion and Padamshri winner.

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Student Exchange Programme

Demands for access to academic and cross-cultural learning are increasing and Mayoor Chopasni is responding to the growing. A six member student delegation from a German school Leonardo Da Vinci campus stayed with families of students of Mayoor Chopasni School for 17 days. They experienced the teaching methodology and curriculum under LDVC program at Mayoor Chopasni school. They were accompanied by the host students all the time. During this cultural exchange the German students got acquainted to values and regional folklore and tried to imbibe the same. The host students of Mayoor Chopasni School will visit Germany in month of May/ June 2019 and will stay with these students in Berlin.

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Hindi Kavya Path - Prakriti ki Pathshala

Hindi Poetry Morning was held on 27.02.2018. Children on stage as called, gave a praiseworthy presentation on stars, clouds, moon etc. which not only are the most important constituents of nature but also signify the providers to live.

24 solo poetries glorifying nature and its importance, 6 group poems, and 1 dance were performed by our young mayoorites.

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Inter House Rangoli Competition

Rangoli Competition for Class III, IV & V was held on 17.02.2018.

The competition started at 8.15 AM and ended up at 10.45 AM.

Two students from each house represented the competition. They used strainer and plastic cones to fill colour in rangoli and decorated earthen pots and diyas

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Inter House Story Telling Competition

An Inter House Story Telling Competition was conducted on 15.02.2018 for Class V at Palettorium. Two students from each team were selected.

The students presented and expressed their stories with the help of power point presentation.

The competition was comprised of two subjects i.e. English and Computer.

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Aarna Jharana Trip

Class II went on an educational trip to Aarna Jharana, 'The Deserted Museum'. There they were divided into two groups, one group went to Audio-Video Room and the other to see the Musical Instrument.

Next, they saw the puppet show and had fun.

It was a fascinating trip.

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Fancy Dress – Masquerade Party

The event started at 10.00 AM in the presence of Principal and Academic Co-ordinator, who were given masks as a welcome gesture.

Prep class children came up on the stage in their fancy dresses and portrayed the efforts of the parents under the guidance of teachers.

On completion of the last performance, the Principal Mr. Sharad Tiwari expressed his thoughts on the event.

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Class I educational trip to Machiya Safari Park

Educational tours are for students growth and development. They also help students to learn through visual experience. 110 Students of Class I went to Machiya Safari Park accompanied by 7 teachers. Children were happy and excited to see many animals there. They saw colourful birds, tortoise, jackal, lions, crocodiles etc. It was a mesmerizing trip.

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Hindi & English Poem Recitation Competition - Class III

Poetry morning was held on 11.02.2017, in which 24 students of Class III participated in both, English and Hindi Solo Poetry Competition along with 4 group poems (classwise).

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Inauguration of Touch Screen Kindergarten Computer Lab

New touch screen computer lab for Pre-Primary (Mayoor Block) kids was inaugurated by President of Chopasni Siksha Samiti Mr. Sidharth Singh Ji Rohet. It is first of it’s kind in the state and it will help children to learn the things in more interactive and creative way by animation, videos and games based on their curriculum.

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Palettorium - New Art Gallery

New art gallery named 'Palettorium' was inaugurated by the school patron H.H. Maharaja Gajsingh Ji Sahib on 21 November, 2017. 

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The Second edition of Mayoor Chopasni School Summer Camp-2018 was inaugurated on May 7, 2018, which will end on May 26, 2018. In this, the students will utilize their summer vacation and learn new techniques and skills in sports, computers, movie making, robotics, dramatics, music and fine arts.

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21st Nov, 2017 - Annual function

Mayoor chopasni school celebrated its annual function on 21 of nov in the school premises. The program was headed by the school patron H.H. Maharaja Gajsinghji Sahib. Lt Gen R.K. Jagga, 12 Corps  was the Chief guest along with Dr Mahendra Singh Rathore as the Guest of honors. Students performed a short play based on Rudyard Kipling’s famous novel Kim, which was performed through various types of dances and dialogues. The main attraction of the program was the musical video Kashmkash which beautifully portrayed  the uses and abuses of gazettes amongst children. It was prepared by the students and staff and directed by school Principal  Mr. Sharad Tiwari.

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Progressive Principal Award – 2017

Principal Mr. Sharad Tiwari being honoured with ‘Progressive Principal of India Award – 2017’ at a ceremony organised on the occasion of: The National Convention of Eduleaders at India International Centre, New Delhi.

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Future 50 - Schools Shaping Success

Mayoor Chopasni School received Future 50 Schools Shaping Success Award by the Famous Future Magazine in collaboration with the Singapore Based online Career Portal University on 6th October. 
This initiative was undertaken to unveil top fifty schools of India to acknowledge and honour them for characterizing a strong vision and being trendsetters and innovators in education. These schools will feature in the “Special Exchange Edition “of Fortune India, a publication that has a global reputation for recognizing game changers in every industry.

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Free Health Check-up Camp Oct 6, 2017

'Rapido' a group of students from school organised a Free Health Check-up Camp to promote health awareness amongst the residents of the near by area. Availing the opportunities people took advice from the senior doctors about their general health, eyes and dental related issues. Read more..

Cleanliness Drive Oct 6, 2017

To make people aware about Swachata and hygiene. Mayoor Chopansi School, Jodhpur initiated and organized the Sanitation Campaign in Shikshak Colony. Students and teachers of the School collectively participated in this activity along with a group of students from Germany. Read more..

Cultural Exchange: German group visits Mayoor Chopasni School

Mayoor Chopasni School organised the first cultural exchange program to strengthen the international relationship and deepen the knowledge of foreign cultures through flexible and diverse activities. A seven member student delegation from a German school Leonardo Da Vinci campus  stayed with families of students of Mayoor Chopasni School for 21 days. They experienced Indian teaching methods and curriculum. They were accompanied by the host students all the time. During this cultural exchange the German students got acquainted to values and regional folklore and tried to imbibe the same. The host students of Mayoor Chopasni School will visit Germany in month of May/ June next year and will stay with these students in Berlin.

The student delegation received a traditional welcome in Mayoor Chopasni School and Principal Mr Sharad Tiwari introduced the delegation to the students in school assembly.


The German students Lisa Wallat, Maximilian Neubart, Marie- Luise Meinel, Lars Lehmann, Lennart Lehmann, Evrim Basbolat and Bassam El Shorafa along with their teacher Ulrike  Kinenast  were shown school horse riding area, music room, dance room and playgrounds by school teachers Mrs Savita Babbar, Mrs Snighdha Singh and Mr Karni Singh. They also got familiarised with Indian musical instruments, folk songs, folk dances and regional sports.


On this occasion German students enjoyed a match of satoliya against the students of Mayoor Chopasni School. An adventurous trek was also organised for the German students early in the morning where they learnt more about natural environment. The same day an exciting activity of tie and dye was conducted by Mrs Rajkumari Shaktawar and Mrs Asha Jain in school campus for LDVC guests where they enjoyed making bandhni dupattas to take them back home for their loved ones.

The LDVC guests  and host students visited handicraft factory which Jodhpur is famous for to understand the nitty gritty of traditional handicraft and the cultures behind them. A  city tour was also organised for the guests and hosts to  get the picture of city from inside.


The following week the LDVC hosts set  out on an expedition to Ranthambore where they visited the famous fort and Ganesh temple. They also had a thrilling  experience of wildlife sanctuary.  Then they visited  Pushkar and Dargah Sharif at Ajmer and came back to Jodhpur.

A host family Mr. and Mrs. Chouhan organised lunch, wildlife safari and evening  tea at Jog Niwas in Bhakrasni village. The guests and hosts students had  their dance  sessions and Kho-Kho  practice daily. A final Kho- Kho match was organised between hosts and guests  which both the teams enjoyed. The  guests students attended various clubs in school campus like yoga club, horse riding club and archery club as per their choice. A fun filled kite flying activity was organised in school campus which was relished by the hosts and guests students.


 The third week started with a medical camp, nukkad natak and cleanliness task organised by NDTV Behtar India where LDVC hosts and guests students participated in and  created  awareness amongst local people about keeping their surroundings  clutter  free.Later that evening they attended RIFF  festival at Mehrangarh which is one of the major tourist attractions  of the  town. They enjoyed the musical evening put up by famous folk communities.Next morning they left for a lavish stay at Rohetgarh where they experienced exciting village safari followed  by a cultural evening and night stay. After a day's rest the guests students headed for  spine -tingling sport of paragliding at Aagolai village with Mr. Chaina Ram and Mr. Kan Singh. It was a refreshing experience altogether.


School Principal Mr. Sharad Tiwari and staff organised a cultural evening on Oct 10, 2017 to bid adieu to the guests students and to thank the  host students for their excellent hospitality.  There were dances and questionnaire put up by the staff which was followed by dinner. 

The next morning the LDVC  host students visited the historical Mehrangarh Museum. On 12th morning the guests students attended the assembly and left for railway station after meeting the host students.

The exchange programme helped the two schools to build the cultural gap and build a strong relation between the two set of students coming from entirely different background. The students of Mayoor Chopasni School had an enriching experience hosting the German students. Mayoor Chopasni School,Jodhpur looks forward to many more such exchange programmes to broaden the social horizon of its students.

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Rapido Inter School Cricket Tournament- 2017

Under the Project of British Council dedicated to the International Level Education, a grand opening of a district level Cricket contendor 'RAPIDO' took place in the domain of Mayoor Chopasni School, Jodhpur. In the competition teams from 12 schools including Mayoor Chopasni, DPS, Central Academy and others participated.

The Chief Guest of the opening ceremony was the cabinet minister Shambhu Singh Khetasar, president of Rajasthan Rajya Seed Corporation and Prahlad Singh Rathore, Secretary of Chopasni Shiksha Samiti was the special guest. On this occasion Vice Principal Deepak Bhargava, CCA Co-cordinator B. S. Rathore, Teachers from Britain Jain Allman and Julie Farigo, Head Mistress Kalpana Kabra with staff members, parents and students were present there. The programme was managed and organised by Chaina Ram Choudhary, Kan Singh Chouhan, Savita Bubber, student (Lakshyadeep Chouhan and Genishka Chouhan).

Final round of Under-19 Cricket Competition was played on 18th Aug. 2017 (Friday) in which DPS won the match and earned the title. Chief Guest of the ceremony was Dr. Samarjeet Singh Rathore, Vice President of Chopasni Shiksha Samiti. Special Guests were - Prahlad Singh Rathore, Secretary Chopasni Shiksha Samiti, Guru Sharan Singh Ji, the famous Musician and Drama Director. Guests awarded winners and runners-up teams the trophy and team players by giving a memento and citation sheet. Ranvijay Singh of Mayoor was awarded as the Man of the Tournament. Sahil from DPS was awarded as the Best Bowler and Chirag of Central Academy was awarded as the Best Batsman of the match. 

The Principal Sharad Tiwari welcomed the guests and congratulated the Rapido Team for the successful event. The stage was operated by Lakshyadeep Chouhan and Genishka Chouhan, Vice Principal Deepak Bhargava, CCA Co-ordinator and players of participating 12 teams were a part of this closing ceremony.

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Inter House Skit Competition - 2017

Inter Class Chess Tournament

6th Foundation Day Celebration

The 6th Foundation Day at Mayoor Chopasni School was celebrated on 15th July with enthusiasm, fun and frolic by Junior School students. On this occasion Chief Guest Mr. Mahendra Singh Rathore, Chairman of Jodhpur Development Authority gave prizes & certificates to students. Read more..


Resource person Mahesh Rateshwar from DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance talked about Behter India campaign launched by NDTV and DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance . The core thought of the campaign is to mobilise students, ordinary citizens and corporates to join a nationwide movement that focuses on three main pillars of the campaign – Health, Hygiene, and Environment. Read more..

Investiture Ceremony

Mayoor Chopasni School celebrate the Investiture Ceremony of elected students from class 6 to 12 for the academic session 2017-2018 on 13 July,2017. The Investiture Ceremony marked a significant beginning of the new academic year. It was a solemn occasion where the young students were all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school.

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students of class IV celebrated WORLD POPULATION DAY. they spoke about why and how this day is celebrated world wide. WORLD POPULATION DAY is an annual event observed on July 11 every year which seeks to raise awareness of global population issue.They made charts and prepared a speech about the rate of population growth and what measures can be taken to control it .                        
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Workshop on Road Safety

Mayoor Chopasni School organised a two days workshop on Road Safety. Read more..

Educational tour of NASA

Group of 23 students of Mayoor Chopasni School returned back from NASA tour. On this tour, they visited New York City, Niagara Falls, Washington DC museum, White House, Capitol Hill, 123 years old Hershey's Chocolate factory and NASA. They also got a certificate from NASA for studying Astronaut Training & its technical details in depth. Read more..

Sixteen students got a perfect C.G.P.A. score of 10.

The Second batch of our school class X has passed with flying colors. Sixteen students got a perfect C.G.P.A. score of 10 out of 102 enrolled students. Read more..

Mayoor Chopasni School stood first in science working model competition organized by DRDO

Mayoor Chopasni School stood first in science working model competition organized by DRDO. The students prepared a working model of ‘Smart Country’ keeping in mind the changes taking place in the field of science and technology and also providing modern facilities to the citizens.

The model’s concept was of the science teacher Mr. Prashant Soni. Students who contributed to made this working model a big success are Abhishek Rathore, Jaipal Singh Rathore, Shashank Tiwari, Jheel Salecha, Palash Sharma, Shashwat Bissa, Raahi Ramdev, Rajnandini Singh Rathore, Saara Sodha, Saumya Borana, Sujay Rajpurohit, Nandini Solanki, Ajay Kuldeep, Akshay Mehta, Siddharth Kumar, Harshwardhan Rathore, Kunal Maloo, Rajkumar Agarwal, Nakshatra Dutt. The Principal Mr. Sharad Tiwari congratulated the entire team on their grand success.

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Inter House Quiz Competition

Mayoor Chopasni School hosted an Inter House Quiz Competition in the seminar hall. Mr. Shailendra Javria Conducted the quiz in a very interactive way by asking questions on various subjects like Geography, History, Politics, Current Affairs, Films, General Science, Economics etc. and the teams participated with great enthusiasm thought. Some of the questions asked were very tricky, the teams tried to answer them with confidence. The center of attraction of the quiz was 'Buzzer Round' in which the students answered skillfully on the questions based on 'Audio Video Projection'.
The Principal Mr. Sharad Tiwari praised the hard work of participants and announced the results. Tejas house bagged the first position, on the second position was Utkarsh House and third position was secured by Shaurya House. Vice Principal Deepak Bhargava, event manager Ms. Kirti Rathore and teachers also attended the quiz competition.    
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Inter house Show & Tell Competition of Class III

Inter house Show & Tell Competition was organised for class 3 on 29 April'2017 .The competition helped the students in gaining confidence and in developing the skill of public speaking.
The children were given varied topics like International attire and festivals,different countries and States of India which helped them to enhance their knowledge.The students had prepared the props to express their ideas more vividly.
The Principal congratulated each participant for their excellent effort.
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Pool Party for class Nursery to Class II

The month of April was indeed very hot and the students were quite exhausted. To beat this heat and to make the toddlers feel fresh and cheerful, the school organised a pool party. Children had fun while playing with balloons, balls , umbrellas & boats in the pool tub. Water activities and pool dance made their day more excited and the students were quite refreshed

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World Creativity & Innovation Day

World Creativity & Innovation Day is observed on April 21 across the world. The purpose to celebrate is the unlimited potential of creativity to raise awareness that all people by nature are creative and to encourage people to use their creativity to improve their lives, prepare people to contribute to and be ready for the innovations to come. On this occasion students from Class IV, V & IX shared their views & thoughts in the school premises featuring charts and models.

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School Timings from 17-04-2017

Dear Parents,

Until future notice school timings from April 17,2017 will be as follows : 
Classes Nur to Prep : 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM.
Classes I to XII : 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM.
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Fancy Dress Show – 8 March 2017

Nursery & K.G.

Show began by welcoming Vice Principal, Head Mistress madam and the esteemed guests. All the lovely ladies present for the show were wished Happy Womens Day. Fancy dress shows are fun because they let the child dress up as their favourite character or things and let the parents put their creative best to work.Children of class Nursery and K.G. enthusiastically participated in the show.Some children gave the message on socail media, save the girl child, to save trees, tigers and water. Some came up dressed as mother earth, super market, maggie, soldier, green grocer, pandit ji, fairy, lion and chick. Some children were dressed as fruits like, apple, bunch of grapes, mango and strawberry.

All the parents enjoyed the programme very much. Ms. Kalpana Kabra (Head Mistress) gave a vote of thanks at the end.

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All India Essay writing and Painting Competition

Mayoor Chopasni School students from class VI to IX participated in  "All India Essay writing and Painting Competition" on February 23, 2017 at  Oasis Park near Park Plaza- Jodhpur. It was organised by INTACH  and theme of this event was My City- My Heritage. Read more..


Mayoor Chopasni School received Best Infrastructure School Award in Rajasthan by Brainfeed on February 4, 2017 at Le Méridien, New Delhi. SCHOOL EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2017 is one of the most prestigious awards ceremony specially designed by the ‘Brainfeed’ to honour 'Top 500 Schools of India'.  Read more..

School Timings from 04-02-2017

School Timings from Monday February 6,2017 will be from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm and School will be off for students on Saturday February 11,2017. Read more..

Inter House Basketball Competition 2016-17

Tejas House won the Inter house Basketball competition 2016-17 in the final match against Shourya House.
Third position match was won by Shreyas House against Utkarsh  House.
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International School Award

Mayoor Chopasni School was awarded with British Council's International School Award on 29th November 2016 at a ceremony held in New Delhi, The Leela Ambience Convention Centre.
This award is in recognition of the strong international dimension of the curriculum and activities conducted year round with an involvement of students across all classes.
The assessment is done by a panel of experts from the British Council. The award is received by our school Principal Mr. Sharad Tiwari &   ISA coordinator Ms. Savita Babbar by Ms. Emma Bourne Managing director schools division Macmillan Education at ceremony. The award includes a magnificent crystal  trophy and a certificate to the school for the term 2016-19
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Inter House Cricket Competition 2016-17

Inter house cricket competition 2016 17.Tejas House won the tournament in the final match against Utkarsh House.

Third position match was won by Shreyas House against Shourya House
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Annual Day Celebration of Mayoor Chopasni School

Jodhpur. Mayoor Chopasni School, celebrated its 4th Annual Day amidst great zest, ecstasy, and elation. His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji, the chief patron of the school presided over the function with the esteemed chief guest Lt Gen Mr. Surendra Kulkarni, Director Mayo College Ajmer. After the warm reception by a reception-committee, including the principal, Vice Principal teachers and students, the esteemed dignitaries garlanded the statue of Sir Pratap, the chief founder of the school to commence the function and were escorted by the magnificent rhythmic bagpiper band of the school. 
The colourful night proceeded with bouquet presentation to the venerated guests by the students as a token of reverence. The power point presentation by the students of class x and xi showcasing the achievements and pursuits of the academia made the spectators see life and energy being propelled into an ‘ethos inspiring vision’ formulated by the school this year.  
The Principal formally welcomed and introduced the eminent guests to the gathering and read the School’s Annual report of the past session, highlighting the academic success, cultural achievement, and progressive pursuits. 
The programme began with the mesmerizing orchestra performance consisting 126 contributors infusing melody in the ambiance, spellbound the viewers. Next in the progression, Retired I A S Mr Balbhadra Singh Ji released a short film entitled ‘ Jara Sochiye’ prepared by the movie club of the school. 
The honorable chief guest of the evening Lt. Gen. Mr. Surendra Kulkarni also delivered a valuable speech. In his speech, he gave much importance to the need for arranging such a programme and encouraged the students for their laudable performances. He viewed that imparting quality education to children has always been a challenge. He added that students should not only be imparted excellent education but also be given great scruples and values so they can effectively serve their state as well as their nation. He also shared that real education fetches more than a job. It teaches you to live and cannot be measured into the tangible way. This was followed by the Prize Distribution ceremony where the honorable chief guest gave away prizes to the academically meritorious pupils of the school. His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji presented a souvenir to Lt. Gen. Mr. Surendra Kulkarni as a token of remembrance and Mr. R. D.  Singh ji, the director of the school inaugurated the refurbished school-website.     
Then the evening was made more colourful with cultural programmes. Students exhibited their hidden talent and emotions through dances from different corners of the world.  ‘Mélange’, the welcome dance was a scintillating visual treat for the spectators.  
Next, in the sequence, immensely talented students of the school showcased the much-awaited play entitled ‘Partitions’ competently enacted by 76 students and directed by Mr. Gurusharan, a very senior drama teacher. The play made a successful attempt to underline the issue of communal disharmony during the post-partition riot. It was a thought-provoking saga of divided humanity struggling towards a harmonious earthly existence. The play was enormously shored up with the laudable and pertinent dances consisting Egyptian Dance, Bharatnatyam, Happy Dance, River Dance, Gangnam Dance etc.   
Next, His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji, honorable chief patron of the school shared his valuable insight in his address and highly lauded the school management and staff for grooming students to have Indian cultural roots and global eminence. He expressed his great elation for having visited school’s Annual Day Celebration. 
The Vote of thanks was proposed by Th. Sidharth Singh ji Rohet, the President of Chopasni Shiksha Samiti. The function culminated with the National Anthem.    

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Annual Function Preparation

Annual function is traditionally a very important day in school calendar. It is perhaps the function that is most eagerly awaited each year. Mayoor Chopasni School, Jodhpur is celebrating its fourth annual function on the 24 November, 2016 in the school premises.

About the play- The cultural programme is based on the theme- ‘Partitions’. Partitions are a magnificent tour de force by the well known film and T.V. writer Kamleshwar. Using his literary powers with great imagination he probes the subtle relationship between mythology and history. A vast array of characters parades the stage and is held to account by the Adalat of Adeeb who represents the conscience of an evolving humanity!

It is a thought provoking saga of divided humanity struggling towards a harmonious earthly existence!

About the orchestra performance-This year the musicians of Mayoor Chopasni School will present a delightful medley of rhythm, form and melody. An arpeggiated overture is followed by an enticing and aesthetically pleasing dhamar in the minor key of raga Adana! The students adroitly manoevure and manifest the double and triple time rhythmic permutation.

This is followed by an easing of the tightly structured rhythmic pattern and we experience a sense of exquisite width and balance in the sixteen beat cycle of teen tal!

The practices are in full swing. Students as well as teachers are united together and are doing rigorous practice for almost one month before setting the stage on fire.

The Principal, Staff and Students of Mayoor Chopasni School, Jodhpur cordially invites you to their Annual Function-2016 on Thursday, November 24th 2016, 5:00 pm onwards. Read more..

Pre Primary Celebration

Children’s Week (15 November-18November,2016)

(Nursery, Kindergarten and Prep Classes)

To commemorate the 127th birthday anniversary of Chacha Nehru, a week’s celebration of fun activities was planned for the Nursery, Kindergarten and Prep students.

15th November –To highlight the importance of having fruits and how they help us in keeping good health, a Fruit chaat Day was celebrated. Children brought varieties of fruits .Teacher along with the children sang the songs and had a good time while preparing fruit chaat. Kids had a great time relishing the chaat and watching the Kung Fu Panda movie.

16th November- On 16 November, the kids again had a gala time with the combination of dance, games and activities. Children were at their best, colouring the sheets given to them. They tried to add shades of their perception of colours of life to the activity. A dance party was also organised for the Nursery and K.G. students. Tiny tots dressed in colourful costumes enjoyed a lot. Various games like racing, basket ball and musical chair were played which again was thoroughly enjoyed.

17th November- A picnic is a short trip for pleasure to a beautiful place. Picnic adds spice to our life.  Keeping this in mind, a fun trip was organised for Nursery and K.G. students. The teachers along with their students went to Fun World. They enjoyed a lot. On the other hand, students of Prep class had a poetry morning organised in their block. Children recited beautiful poems in the presence of their parents. The confidence and strength of oratory skill was visible. Parents were thrilled to be the part of the celebration and to see their wards performing in the characters.

18th November-Culmination of the children’s week and Chacha Nehru’s birthday celebration was in the form of Hindi Kavya Paath organised by the students and teachers of Nursery and K.G. class. Different props were used. Parents were overwhelmed after seeing the performance of the kids. Prep class students went for a fun trip to Fun World. Children had a wonderful time playing games in the lawns, enjoying rides and the picnic feel over dining in the fun atmosphere.

“It was a well organised activity. Students enjoyed a lot and presented very well”, said the coordinators Mrs. Vanita Singh (Nur. and K.G.) and Mrs. Sapna Kumpawat (Prep). 

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Educational trip for class-II

Educational visit to Machiya Safari Park, Jodhpur.  Zoo’s paramount purpose is to promote wildlife conservation.  Students of class II along with their class teachers Mrs. Rajkumari Bhati, Miss Sushma Bhati, Mrs. Sanyogita, Mrs. Pratibha Jhanghid and sports teacher Miss Poonam Shekhawat went for a field trip to zoo. All the children got involved in this to learn more about Animal Kingdom. They had the opportunity to see variety of animals of different species. Our children courteously appreciated watching animals for real as compared to looking at them in television and now it’s definite that they know their role in  the environment. The visit was truly rewarding. Students had a lot of fun and enjoyed every bit of the visit to the zoo.

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