UNESCO's Capacity Building Programme

GRRID Corps recently organized a four-day program in India, supported by UNESCO & Net Zero, focusing on environmental issues and sustainable development goals. Students from different schools participated, gaining awareness about Jodhpur's water culture, climate challenges, and the balance between modernity and environmental preservation. The program's finale, held at Mayoor Chopasni School, Jodhpur, featured dignitaries like Mr. Jagat Singh Rathore, General Manager of Mehrangarh Museum Trust Fort, Jodhpur, and Dr. Mahendra Singh Tanwar, Assistant Director of Maharaja Mansingh Pustak Prakash Research Centre, Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, alongside representatives from prestigious organizations. During the finale, students presented a play called 'Jal Katha,' directed by Palash Chaturvedi and Jahid Hussain, with musical accompaniment by Sukrit Sain, showcasing Marwar's heritage while advocating for water conservation and emphasizing environmental protection.